Trans-Latinas Filling the Literary Void

October 5, 2018
7:00 pm—9:00 pm

Trans Wellness Center get directions

Patricia Aguilar, Sandra Esqueda, Nikita O. Ferrer, Miranda Garcia, Anhel Jacobo and Mariana Marroquin

Trans-Latinas from Los Angeles will share the literary work they created during their participation in the “Our Bodies, Our Souls (hereinafter referred to as OBOS),” . OBOS was a literary project which consisted of 8 (2 hours each) guided creative writing workshops where participants engaged in writing exercises and discussions to unpack their pasts and examine the ways in which they’ve been defined and identified by their reactions to powerful structures (racism, sexism, transphobia etc.). By unlocking their past and speaking of what they once had to bury in silence, the workshop participants became the “subject” of their own research and in the process of reinterpreting their past they gained control and being empowered in the present. This would be a Spanish event, something I noticed was not as prominently featured last year. But we will be able to provide translation using the magic of a TV screen and PowerPoint which will cast the work on the authors’ in English as they are reading in Spanish.