Lambda Litfest


Los Angeles

September 21-28th, 2019

Below is an accessibility statement from each of our venues:

A Love Bizarre: A Love Bizarre is an art gallery and marketplace, featuring the modern metaphysical goods of Suzy Mae’s Neon Altar, and the queer-focused fine art gallery and gift shop of Nathan Rapport. A Love Bizarre’s glittery pink building is located in Atwater Village, at 3042 Glendale Boulevard.

Ace Hotel: Our hotel has ADA access and our ground floor has ADA compliant bathrooms and a Mezzanine accessible via an express elevator. Upstairs, our rooftop pool and lounge, is ADA accessible via an express elevator, ramp to ADA compliant restrooms and the pool is equipped with a chair lift. We have 6 ADA compliant parking spots and our fire alarms are equipped with both flashing lights and audio alerts. The Theatre next door has ADA compliant restrooms on the lower level and access to the balcony level via a historic elevator. Braille signage is in our rooms, public spaces and elevators.

Akbar: AKBAR which is the site of my event has two fully accessible restrooms available for all. It is on street level and all doors are also accessible for those using canes or wheelchairs. Unfortunately, the site is not fragrant free.

The Armory: The Armory’s curbside front entrance on Raymond Avenue is perfectly level, with even pavement transitioning directly to large double doors. There are no entry stairs, but the double doors do not automatically open, yet. To the left of the doors is a doorbell that anyone can sound to request help with the doors. A designated women’s restroom as well as  a lockable, all-gender restroom can be found just past our front entrance, to the right. Both restrooms have 1 ADA-compatible stall each, and are equipped with infant changing stations. Elevators to our second floor can be accessed from our front entrance towards the rear of our main studio. See map below. All Armory galleries, classrooms, meeting rooms, and restrooms are wheelchair and stroller accessible. Certified service animals are always welcomed inside the Armory.

Beyond Baroque: Beyond Baroque has a 42” wide ramp at our front entrance and a wheelchair accessible restroom. Please don’t hesitate to email with any accessibility questions or needs.

Book Show: There are no stairs in our space. There is a slight ramp leading into the store. We have street parking only. There is one gender-neutral bathroom. Book Show sells some items that are scented. Book Show will do everything within our means to make our space accessible and safe for all. Please contact us at least two weeks in advance of the program you would like to attend with any questions, concerns or needs. Jen at

Book Soup: Book Soup’s front entrance, the east side of the store, and restroom are all wheelchair accessible. There are a few steps that lead to the west side of the store, which can be accessed by a portable wheelchair ramp provided by Book Soup upon request. Feel free to email with any accessibility needs or questions.

Cal State LA University-Student Union: The University-Student Union at Cal State LA is fully accessible, with sliding entrance doors to the building, extra wide event room doors, and accessible restroom spaces on all floors (including all-gender restrooms on the second floor of the building). To request accommodations, please contact the Cross Cultural Centers at 323-343-5001 at least 7-10 days prior to the event.

East Side International/ESXLA: Eastside International/ESXLA’s entrance is wheelchair accessible and connected to its parking lot. Its restrooms are also wheelchair accessible and located near an exit.

Get Lit: Get Lit is a ground-level space with no stairs. All movement activities activities can be modified and appropriated by participants.

The Hen House Literary Center: The Hen House Literary Center has entrance doors at 59″ inches wide, streetside accessible (no stairs are required to get into the building). We have two wheelchair-accessible restrooms, and every door and door handle is ADA compliant. We also have a wheelchair-accessible ramp to ascend to the top of the stage in our performance area. Please don’t hesitate to email with any accessibility questions or needs. We aim to do all we can to create a safe and accessible space.

Hollywood Forever Masonic Lodge: This beautiful Masonic Lodge was built in 1927. There are are no elevators in this historic landmark. Ascending stairs is required to enter the venue.

The Hoot at the Funnery: Please let us know if you need assistance and we can arrange for elevator down to theater and elevator to restroom. There is no wheelchair access to the garden area. The house is otherwise wheelchair accessible, however we need to escort you through the proper entrance. None of our bathroom entrances are big enough for a standard wheel chair but upstairs bathrooms have rails. We will have three parking spaces reserved out front for those who need them.

Naked Eye Studio: Naked Eye Studio has a 72” wide ramp at our front entrance and a wheelchair accessible restroom. We also have one designated ADA compliant parking space in our attached parking lot. Please don’t hesitate to email with any accessibility questions or needs, it is our practice to do everything we can to create a safe and accessible space.

Other Books/Otros Libros: Other Books/Otros Libros has a 32″ entrance at street level that does not have a step. There will be prioritized seating in the aisles for those using wheelchairs or scooters. All performers will be using a microphone and audience participating in interactive components of the event will have access to the microphone as well. The event host will provide scent-free soap for the bathroom for those with scent sensitivities. Please contact the event host with any further accommodation needs:

Otis College of Art and Design – The Forum: The Forum at OTIS College provides an ADA compliant wheel chair ramp located on Loyola Blvd. The back area of the Forum is accessible to all patrons with disabilities to enter or exit. The Forum also provides an ADA compliant automatic swing door opener push button in the main front entrance and ADA compliant restrooms located throughout the College grounds. For further questions regarding accessibility please do not hesitate to email Antonio Ruiz at

The Pico-Union Project: The Pico-Union Project has a large parking lot, with a wheelchair-accessible entrance through the parking lot. There is an ADA-compliant, gender-neutral restroom. There are single-gender restrooms which each have seven stairs to enter. Please contact with additional questions.

Pieter: Pieter is not wheelchair accessible, very unfortunately. You must take stairs to get to the studio. We have a 50 person capacity and street parking only!

Plummer Park: All facilities at Plummer Park are ADA compliant.

Poetic Research Bureau: The Poetic Research Bureau (PRB) is wheelchair accessible and has a single, gender-neutral, wheelchair accessible restroom. We also provide a microphone and PA system for all of our readings. The PRB strives to create an accessible and safe space for our visitors. Please email with any questions or clarifications.

The Roybal Foundation Learning Center:  2 bathrooms available on the main floor –both are ADA compliant. The front entrance only via on Beverly Blvd is ADA compliant, slight incline/door frame bump to enter door – at least 36 inches wide. The learning center is a large room with carpeting and the event will have approximately 50 chairs. Street Parking is available. Public transportation on Metro Gold Line Atlantic is approximately 4 city blocks / approximately 5-10-minute walk / 0.2 miles distance. Ride share services are recommended. Lighting is bright, some recess lighting and open and airy – no strobe lights at the learning center. Air Conditioning available – No Smoking allowed on premises or outside of the building. The meeting room is quiet – the area outside the learning center has regular light traffic. Roybal Foundation Learning does not accommodate ASL interpreters for events that are not hosted by the Roybal Foundation Learning Center. ASL interpreters can be made available upon request with a 3-weeks’ notice prior to the event via hosted event by Q Youth Foundation. No alcoholic beverages per RF learning center, unless it is a private event, the event host can provide beverages for a donation.

Skylight Books: There is a paid public parking lot behind Skylight Books, and street parking. There are no stairs whatsoever to the event space and we have a one-person, gender-neutral restroom. Should guests attending the event require any additional disability access such as ASL interpretation during the event, please email with those needs and we will be happy to accommodate them.

Stories: Stories has been inspected and verified as wheelchair accessible with a wheelchair accessible restroom. Please don’t hesitate to email with any accessibility questions or needs, it is our practice to do everything we can to create a safe and accessible space.

Women’s Center for Creative Work: WCCW has a 36” wide ramp at our front entrance and a wheelchair accessible restroom. We provide scent free soaps in our washrooms, and encourage guests to consider attending our events scent free. Please don’t hesitate to email with any accessibility questions or needs, it is our practice to do everything we can to create a safe and accessible space.