GET HAUNTED: Ghosts, Queerness (In)Visibility, and a Poetics of Possession: Six Writers read, perform, discuss, and/or raise ghosts.

October 3, 2018
7:00 pm—9:00 pm

Akbar Silverlake get directions

Nancy Au, Celeste Chan, Kay Ulanday Barrett, Carson Beker, Muriel Leung and Natalia Vigil

What are ghosts, how do we write about them, what does it mean to wrestle with them? Do we inherit ghosts from our ancestors or do we come across them later? When ghosts pass through walls, such as borders, genders, life/death, can we follow? Writers of poetry, prose, plays, and hybrid forms investigate ghosts as haunting, cultural trauma, queerness, white space, erasures, absence, or sometimes just as spooky apparitions, asking: what is a ghost, how do we write about them, what can we do to get haunted?

Part performance, part discussion, part spirit raising. Come get haunted.