Taking the Tragedy Out of LGBTQ Young Adult Fiction: Writing Fun, Fluffy, Romantic Queer Teen Stories

September 29, 2018
12:45 pm—2:00 pm

JACCC Garden Room "C" get directions

Moderated by: Amy Spalding

For so long, stories about queer teen characters were mired in tragedy: bullying, ostracism, and death often prevailed. Happy queer young adult stories are finally getting their chance to break out into the mainstream. This workshop will help you get started in generating ideas, and begin writing your own happily-ever-after young adult novel.


Breakdown by intervals:
5 min introductions
5 min sharing writing goals (can be very rough or hypothetical at this stage!)
10 min presentation about writing “lighter” LGBTQ young adult fiction
10 minutes discussing typical romance and comedy tropes with a focus on teen entertainment
10 min of generating story ideas based on discussion
15 min of outlining or first-drafting stories based on work in previous interval
10 min sharing highlights from writing/outlines generated
10 min closing and stating future goals


Total run-time: 75 minutes


What you’ll take away
Participants will walk away with the seeds of a new young adult novel, or a refined outline/updated beginnings of a first draft of a previous idea. Participants will gain a fuller idea of typical tropes in storytelling, and how they can use the power of their own identities to fuel, flip, and subvert these. Participants will get a chance to share ideas with others, to receive encouragement on new ideas. Participants will leave with the inspiration and ideas necessary to get through a first draft. This workshop is designed to imbue novel-writing and storytelling with fun and lightheartedness.

$15 to attend.

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